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TransKalahari Adventure

TK9NA - SEP 2014
This was better than i ever expected from the tour. Places amazing, a great group of people and a fantastic guide leading the way who was experienced, knowledgeable, professional. The wildlife was fantastic and we got plenty of time to take it all in. 
Susan Tulau (Australia)

TK9NA - SEP 2014
The food was very good - never a bad meal. This tour exceeeded my expectations and i am sure this was due to Misheck and the time he spent explaining everything in great detail. 
Shirley Kolcze (Australia)

TK7NA - JULY 2014

Kembo's vast knowledge of the animals, the culture and the history of Africa made the trip more comprehensive and immediate. He never ceased to impress me and could answer any question posed without hesitation. He was very accomodating and concerned with everyone's well being. He's a patient person, some of the questions were frankly quite stupid but Kembo treated each one with respect. (ex: someone asked if there was water at our next stop)
He's friendly, cooperative and very sweet. You're lucky to have him as a guide.
The trip itself was indescribable. I loved all of it with the exception of Desert Camp, no fault of Kiboko, the weather was dreadful, very cold and windy. In retrospect, my favourite place was Xaus Lodge. Richard treated us like family, wonderful man. When the power went off, wow, the sky was at our fingertips, the illumination from the milky way was overwhelming. The guide, John, took us to the dunes to watch the sunset. He asked us to observe a moment of silence while the sun set. I'll never forget the beauty, the majesty of that moment. Actually, every sunset in Africa is spectacular.
I also loved Ndhovu Lodge in Caprivi. Monica and her husband, I can't remember his name, also treated us like family. There's a hippo who visits the premises, we were fortunate to see him, what a thrill.
The moment we arrived in Etosha, we saw a herd of elephants. From then on, we saw lions, giraffes, zebras, hippos, all the animals and a white rhino at a watering hole. Victoria Falls was more awesome than anticipated. Our visit to a township was an eye-opener.
I've been reading a lot a books about Africa and came across the following: "Nobody who has once set foot on the soil of Africa will ever be quite free of it again."  That's true for me. I want to come back and do the South African Adventure.
Judy Manchee (Canada)

TK8S - AUGUST 2014

All accommodation was fabulous in their own way. Food was all outstanding. A fabulous experience - we have enjoyed every minute, thanks to Kiboko's itinerary, choice of accommodation and the skill and experience of Misheck. Truck was always clean, the fresh fruit available in the back very welcome and the fridge kept water cool.  
Philippa & Brian Roberts (Australia)

TK8S - AUGUST 2014
A perfectly constructed tour. Variety was fantastic from animals and birds to desert to mountians to old colonial villages and big cities - Cape Town. 
David & Dawn Hiller (Australia)

TK7N - JULY 2014
Hi there - this is a big thank you to Misheck who was our guide on the 6 July departure from Cape Town on this trip. Misheck is great guide to have - his skills range from wonderful driving (some days he's driving from sun-up to past sun-down), his knowledge of the areas we travelled through was really thorough, he always had a smile on his face, nothing was too much for him to do for us - and his mechanical skills were even put to the test changing 6 flat tyres along the way! It was a great trip, great group of people, and Misheck kept things rolling along from the moment we met as a group in Cape Town, and from morning to night every day - he's tireless. He's also a huge asset to your company so I hope you acknowledge that and look after him well in return.
Cath McMurchy (Australia)

TK7N - JULY 2014

Just returned from an amazing Kiboko Transkalahari Adventure. This trip really exceeded all our expectations, with great sights, marvellous experiences and some wonderful accommodation along the way. Special thanks to our guide, MIsheck, who was brilliant. He knew every inch of the places we visited (and every bump on the many kilometres of dirt road) and kept us informed and amused with his insights and stories through thick and thin (which included repairing quite a few punctures). We're glad to be home...sweet...home... but we'll be ready to rock and roll again soon after enjoying this adventure so much.
Burt & Liz Bosma (Australia)

TK10S - OCTOBER 2013

Kembo was excellent, patient and considerate - could not be better. The accommodations were a great asset on this tour.
Steensland (UK)

TK10S - OCTOBER 2013
I have long wanted to visit Africa and feel that this 4 country tour has given me a very satisfactory taste. The itinerary was good & the variety of sites and accommodation quite wonderful.
Joan Dayton (Australia)

TK10S - OCTOBER 2013
Loved it! A diverse & interesting itinerary. Kembo was incredibly helpful, polite, inclusive of all guests. I have loved this trip and feel priveleged to have shared it with a great group of people. 
Nikki Novell (Australia)

Overall I enjoyed my time with Kiboko. I will recommend them to all my friends. The tour guides are world class. 
Judy Leathley (Australia)

TK8S - AUGUST 2013
One of the best holidays we have done. Excellent value for money - will thoroughly recommend. All accommodation very comfortable. Food standard excellent. 
Suzanne de Pelsenaire (Australia)

TK7NA - JULY2013
Cant think of how the trip could be improved - it was great. Our guide Kembo was extremely knowledgable and always courteous. I have travelled on many trips and belive it is the guide who really makes the trip a success and we were very fortunate to have Kembo as our guide. All the buffets were excellent and lunches were also delicious.
Elenore Videion (Australia)

TK7NA - JULY 2013
A big thank you to Kembo - he has made this trip memorable for all of us. Fantastic knowledge! It is a fantastic itinerary and the destinations each have a different attraction - wildlife, landscapes/ scenery and the people. I have thoroughly enjoyed this trip - i dont want it to end!  
Learna Cale (Australia)

TK5N - MAY 2013
Hotels were all OK to excellent and overall better than we had expected. 
Keven & Brenda Tate (New Zealand)

TK5N - MAY 2013
All hotels were excellent. Very clean and service availble. Breakfasts all exceptional & meal plan very helpful. I would highly recommend this trip. It was a good mix of scenery, game drives and cultural experiences. A very interesting, fun and educational tour. I would like to thank Kiboko for excellent organisation and standards. My husband and i are also very grateful for the organisation of "special treats" for our honeymoon. It has been an unforgettable experience which we will treasure for all the years to come.
Amy Terry & Jonathan Hiller (Australia)

TK4 - APRIL 2013
Adam was a superb leader! His language was excellent, he was very attentive, he has an excellent sense of humor.
William Kay (Canada)

TK3 - MARCH 2013
Adam, our tour guide/driver went above and beyond the call of duty to inform us, organize us and to see to all our well-being. He is very experienced in game drives and knew the land, animals and peoples so well. We have come away with a much broader idea of how it all works out there and have a list of over 90 animals(some insects) that he recognized for us! Over all an awsome holiday!
Marlene Hayes (Canada)

TK12 - DECEMBER 2012
Fantastic tour. Every day was different. Cant fault it. All the private accommodations were excellent. Mishek was an exceptional guide. We had a great time - the trip of a lifetime.
Dorothy & Dennis Addison (New Zealand)

TK9N - SEP 2012
We have recently returned home after having experienced your 23 days Cape Town to Livingstone Trans Kalahari Adventure. This is the first time that we have felt compelled to comment on our trip. It was awesome and by far the best holiday we have ever been on.

The accommodation was first class, the food was great and the sights and experiences were jaw dropping. We would particularly like to comment on your guide and driver, Mishek..... He is a legend. Everything fell perfectly into place and nothing was too much trouble. His knowledge and expertise were uncanny and his enthusiasm and sense of humour made for an interesting and unique travel experience. Again a big thanks for the trip of a lifetime... We can't stop talking about it and we will tell anyone who will listen how good your company is. Hoping you will continue to be successful into the future, you deserve it!

PS. We loved the TRUCK
Joe Neppl and Jeanette Redpath (Australia)

TK9N - SEP 2012
Kiboko seemed well organized and the guide/driver, Misheck Mahonye , we had was terrific. I think the advantage is that he was around 50 years old and had been doing tours for some time. When cries went up for a photo op he would sometimes keep driving much to our dismay but it was always because he knew there was a better spot just up the road. His knowledge about flora and fauna was also extensive.

The truck was surprisingly comfortable. The accommodations were fine all very clean, food acceptable not gourmand but good and some of the spots with incredible views.
Susan Howson and David Weatherston (Canada)

TK9N - SEP 2012
Fabulous! Every moment was interesting and enjoyable. Would certainly recommend the safari to anyone with a sense of adventure. Mishek was an outstanding tour leader.
Joan Smith (Australia)

TK10SA - OCT 2012
Vengai made our tour a rewarding and lasting experience. He was always cheerful, helpful, friendly and respectful. He did a GREAT job! The standard of the food was very good.
Sandra Stevenson (Australia)

TK10SA - OCT 2012
Well put together tour. Travel days alternating with non travel days. Good and interesting mix of hotels. like the time to do own thing. Vengai was helpful, good knowledge, patient - all together a great guide.
Judith Stronach (UK)

TK10 - OCT 2011
I thought you at Kiboko might enjoy the article I wrote for a magazine here in British Columbia.  They put in your website address which is good I think.  I'll mail you a couple of copies of the magazine itself as it has different images in it.
Enise Olding (Canada)

TK10 - OCT 2011
We have just completed this tour with Adam at end of November and I must say we thought it was wonderful the animals and general choice of accommodation great experience. There is no doubt that Adam made a great deal of difference and was an exceptional guide. We will think of you often. A holiday adventure of a lifetime.
Barry Kennedy (Australia)

TK7 - JULY 2011
Hi My wife and I had the great pleasure to undertake your Cape to Falls TK7 tour that departed Cape Town on 04 July. The tour greatly exceded our already high expectations and in particular I wish to highlight the amazing tour leader = Kembo that we had on this trip. We booked the TK7 trip because friends did the same trip last year and they also had a great time. Amazingly they also had Kembo as their tour leader so we knew from day one that we were in good hands. His knowledge of the local environment and wildlife was much appreciated and his genuine friendliness greatly valued. We looked forward each day to his good company and willingness to make our and the other tour participants day as pleasant as possible. He is an excellent ambassodor for Kiboko and we will continuing singing his and Kibokos praises to all of our friends. Thankyou once again for a great holiday and for the pleasure of being part of one of Kembo's trips.
Steven Fraser (Canada)

Deserts, River & Wildlife Adventure

This is a sector of the TransKalahari Adventure - see reports for this tour.

Great Trek Adventure

GT8S - AUGUST 2014
Great tent equipment - the sleeping bags and mattress were awesome. We had everything we needed and more. Excellent truck - great to have power points and fridge. Food was really excellent - great variety every day and lots of fruits and vegetables. Great safari, great team, great countries, great landscapes, great adventure = great holidays!
Myriam Quarmochi (FRANCE)

GT8S - AUGUST 2014
It was an excellent all round tour. Iton was a wonderful and knowledgable guide and Kumoyo had good hygiene in food preparation and always cheerful and attentive. 
David & Susan Arnott (UK)

GT6S - JUNE 2014
Impressed with the meals created on the side of the road. Also impressed that leftovers were used or they found someone who could use it when we could not. I loved the trip and i loved the crew! I would not have done a camping trip if it was not serviced. Thanks you for a wonderfull first visit to Africa.
Michele McGarry (USA)

GT6S - JUNE 2014
I had a great time, the tour was better than i had expected. Campsites & food great, guides & assistants fantastic. Would recommend to others.
Jennifer Graham (Australia)

GT6S - JUNE 2014
Great cooks - quite varied meals with fresh salads and grilled meats - very good food. Our guide and assistants made this an absolutley fantastic trip. They were all incredible!
Christine Szuter (Canada)

GT5N - MAY 2014
Really good cooking and differing options. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone who wanted a camping experience.
Lorraine Weber & Harry Lister (Canada)

GT5N - MAY 2014
Tents & sleeping bags were excellent. Could not have asked for a better guide. I am very grateful for a most interesting, informative and enjoyable safari - i will certainly recommend it to others.
Peter Tikuisis (Canada)

Kumoyo is an excellent cook and gave us a great variety of food. This is a fantastic trip taking in a wonderfull variety of places.
Maggie Rowe (UK)

Kumoyo was fantastic. Quality food, varied and well prepared. Truck was very comfortable, spacious, well maintained and fridge was fantastic. I could not be more satified with my experience from start to finish. I will be only too happy to recommend Kiboko to my colleagues and agents. A fantastic trip managed by a great team!
Tore Bruce (UK)

Tents were spacious and securely erected - very comfortable. I was really impressed with the quality of the food prepared. The Kiboko team were friendly, helpful and approachable. They were very organised and prepared excellent meals. I would be happy to recommend them to anyone planning a trip to Southern Africa.
Angela Campbell (Australia)

Excellent, tasty, plenty of food. Collen is the best guide i have encountered yet - organised, efficient, knowledgable, calm and mature.  
Sharon Smith (Australia)

Food was fantastic. Lots of variety and very tasty. Always enough food. Collen was the perfect guide. The tour was fantastic - the best i have been on. I will defintley be recommending Kiboko to anyone looking to visit Southern Africa. 
Nigel Fullerton (Australia)

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip. The guide and assistants did a wonderful job.
Jeffrey Simmons (Australia)

GT8N - AUGUST 2013
Sleeping bags very good. Always plenty of fresh food available. A tremendous tour - everything that we could have wished for. We will recommend Kiboko to friends and our travel agent. We thoroughly enjoyed every day of our holiday. 
Jim & Julie McKeag (Australia)

GT8N - AUGUST 2013
Good, well balanced itinerary. Great team, great tour and happy group!
David Hicks (Australia)

GT8N - AUGUST 2013
Sleeping bags excellent. Richard did a great job with food - plenty variety and always fresh. Lucky was a real asset and made the trip one to remember. The team were amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Africa because of the 3 leaders and would not hesitate in referring Kiboko. Thank you for the opportunity to travel with your company.
Jenny Holden (New Zealand)

GT7NA - JULY 2013

It's an excellent route  - perfect and well planned. Thanks for providing us this excellent tour. 
Liberty Singian (USA)

GT5N - MAY 2013
We would both like to express our sincere gratitude to all 3 Kiboko staff accompanying us on this wonderful tour. We cannot fault any one of them - they were always kind, thoughtful, infirmative, respectful, cheerful and willing to help in any way. This has been a tour of a lifetime for us both and we would recommend it to any of our friends. We thoroughly  enjoyed every meal and appreciate the effort made to provide healthy, nutritious food under "camping" conditions.
Pamela Irwin & Philip King (New Zealand)

GT5N - MAY 2013
Enjoyed the meals and was plenty. Collen is an exceptional guide, tents well organised and care taken at all times. We enjoyed our experience and have no worries recommending this safari to anyone.
Colin & Denise McKean (Australia)

GT5N - MAY 2013
Would not change a thing - excellent itinerary, excellent staff, excellent facilities.
Sarah Bonney (Australia)

GT1 - JANUARY 2013
Guide - Lucky
One of the best! Had a possitive and happy attitude. Hard working! Lucky to have Lucky on the trip!
Assistant - Kumoyo
Hard working - very helpfull and one of the best cooks too!

Very good trip, guide and assistant are very hard workiing, tying to make everybody happy!
Ria Martens (Australia)

GT12N - DEC 2012
Camping Equipment
Tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads. All clean, well maintained, and adulate.
Good Condition, well maintained, swept out every morning, engine well maintained.
Breakfast OK, Lunch Good, Dinner Great, both in quantity and verity.  I think it's great to give the leftover food to the locals.

Guide - Kembo
Extremely knowledgeable; about geography, biology, local governments & economics, a treasure trove of information.  We all played a game "Stump the Guide" but it was not fair he always won.  His briefings before we left the vehicle were right on the spot.  No matter how mundane or unformed our questions were he had the right answer, he never made us feel dumb for asking a dumb question.  Kembo is an excellent and safe driver; I would trust him to drive my mother-in-law anywhere, except back to my home.  To all the rating "Excellent".  All kidding aside I would welcome both Kembo & Richard into my home if they ever get a chance to visit the U.S.A.  Your company is very lucky to employ the both of them, they are an asset to your business.  We gave them both a $ 300.00 US dollar tip because we were so pleased with them.  NOTE: If your office is run as well as your two guides ran this tour, you have one fine company.   

Assistant - Richard
Great personality, anybody that laughs at all my humor has got to be next to World Leader.  Everything he made for dinner was great, Kiboko must have sent to the best cooking schools in France.  The only thing to in prove their appearance would be if they wore a 3 piece suite, they and their clothes were always clean and well cared for.  The vehicle was always swept out and carried for.
Ron Grue & Rose Gomez (USA)

GT10S - OCT 2012
Great food. Richard is an excellent cook, everything he made was delicious. I had a great tour. Thank you for everything. Collen & Richard worked very hard to make sure it was a pleasant trip.
Amelie Dumont (Canada)

GT10S - OCT 2012
The overall safari was great. We saw many sights and each camp was very different. Collens knowledge of the areas we travelled was great. I would do a Kiboko safari again.
Soulla Nicodimou (Australia)

GT9N - SEP 2012
Collen excelled in all aspects of the tour. Knowledge of Southern Africa was amazing. This was my first safari and i would like to return some time. I have had a wonderfull time.
Beverley Davies (Australia)

Namib to Falls Adventure

This is a sector of the Great Trek Adventure - see reports for this tour.

Botswana Adventure

BC8C - AUGUST 2013
The variety, quality and amount of food was excellent. Kumoyo is a wonderfull cook. Iton did a great job of looking after us keeping us informed on all activities. This holiday exceeded my expectations in so many ways. Iton & Kumoyo were so friendly, accepting & informative. I did not feel just a "client". I will definitely be telling people "go with Kiboko".
Meredith Peck (Australia)

BC8C - AUGUST 2013
Iton is very professional but also friendly. He is a very good man and a very good tour guide - always on time and organised. The capability of Kumoyo for cooking is high.
Alvise Crovato (Italy)


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